Buy best Nursery Slides by the Best Slide Manufacturers in Delhi

When your kids are just out of kindergarten and are ready to go to nursery. All parents are worried about their child’s safety. We cannot ensure your child’s safety in the classroom but when they are going out to play and using our slides then they will not be hurt they will have no infection or face any kind of problems. Because for kids that young we built plastic slides that will keep the infection and wounds away.

This is why we are the leading playground slides manufacturers in the country because we care about children. If you wish to buy a slide from us so you can see our supreme collection at Maskeen Overseas and afterward you can visit our workshop to buy your preferred slides.

The slides are made in cute shapes and bright colors to appeal to children and make them want to play but, the plastic will keep them safe because it is built on a shorter height so the children can easily access them. They easily climb the short stairs of the small plastic slide and then slide from the other side with a huge smile on their faces.
And we make sure that the quality of the slides is premium so the kids never have to face any kind of injury or infection because of our slides.We are the leading manufacturers of Inflatables such as bouncers, play house, sofas, castle, etc and are known for having the integrity in our work and products.

Due to its small size, the slides are very portable so you can keep them into your playground and classrooms as well. Our slides are lightweight and easy to carry which makes them all the more desirable.

We have a wide range of slides for kids such as

Elephant Slide- This cute elephant slides they have in their rooms will give birth to crazy imaginations. As every child is unique and so are their abilities.

Kids Slides- Our workshops are huge and can handle hundreds of slides at one time. Unlike other slide manufacturers, we care about your children and we want to do the best we can.

Outdoor Slides- Outdoor slides as the name suggests is meant to keep outside of an institution that can be homes, schools, parks, playgrounds, etc. These are mostly kept in school so students can play on them in recess.

Classroom Slides- classroom slides are comparatively shorter in size and are kept in the classroom to make them want to study. These slides are used as an incentive to make the children learn better.

Plastic Slides- As the name suggests we also sell plastic slides and swings these slides are completely made of plastic hence the chance for any injury or infection is minimum.
These are all kinds of slides we have for nursery students. We care about your children like our own so it is very important to build a place where they can play without the fear of getting hurt or wounded. All the parents are always worried about their child’s health and at this age, it is a possibility to get seriously hurt, if we can help in any way that would be a major relief for us.

Address: 2/48-49, WHS, Kirti Nagar Industrial Area (Opposite DSIIDC), New Delhi-110015

Phone No: +91 – 981 164 4688


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