Different Types of Furniture for Kindergarten

Furniture should be comfortable for all, no matter where the furniture is to be installed. Kids like attractive things the most. Therefore, furniture in Kindergarten should not only be comfortable but also come in attractive designs. Here, we will discuss the different types of preschool furniture.

If you want to purchase high-quality furniture for your school, you can contact us, Maskeen. We are one of the leading school furniture exporters in India.


The chairs in kindergarten schools are different from those of the regular chairs. These chairs come in various attractive designs and beautiful colours. The combinations of beautiful colours are done on these chairs to attract the attention of children. Some popular types of kids’ chair in kindergarten are as follows:

Cartoon Chair

These chairs are specially designed for kids. As the name implies, these chairs are given the shape of a cartoon to attract the attention of kids. Kids like to sit on these types of chairs. The benefit of installing these chairs in Kindergarten is that kids can focus on what is being taught to them without creating any disturbance in the class.

Wooden and Plastic Chair

These are the simple types of chairs made up of wooden and plastic materials. These chairs are made in such a way that little ones do not feel any discomfort while sitting on these chairs.


Like chairs, tables for kindergarten kids are also manufactured differently from those of the normal tables, these tables come in various attractive designs and colour paters. Moreover, some tables also include cartoon prints on them. Maskeen is one of the most trusted school furniture exporters in India. We make the following types of tables, have a look:

Apple Table

As the name implies, this table is manufactured in the shape of an apple. Apple table draws the attention of kids and helps them focus on their studies.

Moon Table

This table comes in the shape of a half-moon. Like Apple table, this table also helps kids to focus on their studies.

Spiral Activity Table

The spiral activity table that we manufacture helps kids in various activities. Hence, kids can learn many different things while playing.

Trash Bins

Trash bins are the most basic type of furniture that are installed in all schools. But in Kindergarten, these bins are given some special shapes like cartoons. The reason to manufacture such types of bins for kids is to create an awareness in kids to keep our surroundings clean and healthy.

Maskeen is among the top school furniture and educational toys manufacturers in Delhi. We make different types of toys and furniture for kids. Let’s have a look at the different types of trash bins that we make for pre-schoolers.


As the name implies, this trash bin is manufactured in the shape of a duck. These trash bins are available in attractive colours. Kids are curious, hence, Duckbins create a positive impact ion the kids. Due to its attractive design, kids use this trash bin to throw waste and learn the importance to keep the environment clean.


This trash bin is made in the form of a penguin. This is another trash bin after Duckbin that we have manufactured for kids. Like Duckbin, Pingubin also draws kids attention and forces them to throw waste in Pingubin.

About Maskeen

Maskeen is one of the leading furniture and educational toys manufacturers in Delhi. We make different types of furniture for schools. You can visit our website to view the different designs of furniture that are available to us. Besides a leading furniture manufacturer, we are also the topmost educational toys suppliers in India.

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